APLK: Tater Tots and Queso

Author A Pleasant Little Kitchen | January 24, 2020


Recipe and images by recipe contributor, Rebecca White, of A Pleasant Little Kitchen. 

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2 bags frozen tater tots

3-4 cups sausage, cut into bite-sized pieces


fresh cilantro, chopped

2 cups pickles, cut into bite-sized pieces


Place the tater tots onto a sheet pan and cook according to instructions. Place the sausage onto a foil-lined sheet pan. During the last 10 minutes of tater tot cook time, place the sausage into the oven to warm through.  

While the tater tots are cooking, warm the queso.

Remove the tater tots and sausage from the oven. Place sausage onto the sheet pan with the tater tots. Top with cilantro and serve with pickles and queso.

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