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Preserve Fiery Flavor Year Round

The fiery flavor of Hatch Chiles doesn't have to disappear after the season is over. Check out our tips and instructions on preserving the Southwest's favorite pepper for spice year round.

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Turn Up The Spice This Summer

Turn up the spice this summer! Whether it's poolside or at a summer barbecue with family, incorporating Hatch Chiles is sure to ramp up the heat. This summer is sure to be full of delicious food and l...

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Prep Your Hatch Chiles For Greatness

Now that you're hooked on the fiery flavor of Hatch Chiles, it's time to learn how to pick, roast and prep them for greatness. We've got everything you need to know and step-by-step instructions about...

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Hatch Chicken Alfredo

Hatch up a dinner plan that combines classic flavors and intense heat in a manner that will surprise and delight your palate. This delicious recipe serves 8 and is sure to become a favorite in your ho...

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Spicy Hatch Watermelon Salad

Turn up the heat on a refreshing summer salad by adding the Hatch Chile spice your friends and family love. This Spicy Hatch Watermelon Salad is perfect for your next summer barbecue or as a poolside ...

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