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Author A Pleasant Little Kitchen | April 28, 2022


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May - Burger Board 1x1 social (United)


Burger Board

Author note: This burger board contains ingredients for the following three hamburgers: Greek Burger, Southern Sides Burger and a Tex-Mex Burger. Feel free to add additional ingredients to create your own themed burger—be creative!

Follow the ingredients and instructions below to create a fun and delicious burger board! I used a variety of premade items found at United Supermarkets. Pre-formed hamburger patties will save you time on this family favorite meal. Feel free to use your favorite homemade hamburger recipe if you prefer not to use premade. Measurements are not included in this recipe, adjust according to the number of people being served.

This board can be done in advanced, except for the burgers and buns. Prep the board as instructed without these two ingredients. Cover the prepared board with plastic wrap and place into the fridge to store before service.

basic burger toppings

hamburger patties, grilled

hamburger buns, toasted

colby jack cheese slices

white cheddar slices

butter lettuce


for a Greek Burger

tzatziki sauce

kalamata olives

fresh dill sprigs

for a Southern Sides Burger


pimento cheese

baked beans, warmed

Tex-Mex Burger

pico de gallo



If you do not want the hamburger patties and their cooking liquid to run into the topping ingredients, pile the cooked burgers onto a small serving plate and then place onto a large serving board.

Place the dry ingredients onto the serving board alongside the burger plate. Be sure to keep these ingredients close together as to provide space for the remaining ingredients.

Add the wet ingredients into small serving bowls. Place onto the board where you can find space. Serve promptly.

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