Graduation Gift Guide for Her

Author Your Holiday Inspiration Guru | May 13, 2020

The months following graduation can feel like a whirlwind! There are so many new and exciting things ahead for your graduate. She may be starting college in the fall, attending a trade school, joining the service, or heading straight into the workforce. Whatever her plan is, your generous and thoughtful gift will help her prepare for her life after graduation. 

Graduation Snack & Dessert Recipe IdeasHere are a few of our favorite graduation gift ideas for her! 

Gift Cards 

The versatility of gift cards is what makes them such a great gift for graduation. You can give her a gift card to spend on something practical or to spend at one of her favorite retailers or restaurants for a nice treat. For college students, a Visa or Amazon gift card can go towards school supplies and textbooks she'll need during her first semester. 

Flowers and Balloons 

Is there any occasion that isn't instantly more special with beautiful flowers? Our floral department is your go-to spot for graduation gifts for any special young lady. Pick out a lush bouquet and congratulatory balloon for your daughter, granddaughter, girlfriend, or friend!  

Personalized Cake 

Visit our talented bakers to see the delicious cakes and baked goods they've created to celebrate your graduation! We'll add personal messages and custom colors to show your school spirit. Stop by our bakery to browse our collection or give us a call to place your custom order. See more about our graduation cakes here. 

Gift Basket 

A personalized gift basket is a great gift option that is easily customized for your recipient and to your budget. Choose a basket or container from our floral department and fill it with her favorite snacks, candy, drinks, and more. She'll love this tasty gift and the thought that went into it! 

Dorm Room Essentials 

Someone has to give practical gifts, right? Dorm room essentials are sure to become a favorite among graduates! These are supplies that will help her transition to dorm life when she goes off to college. Fill a shower caddy with toiletries or a gift bag with late-night study snacks that she can stash in her dorm room. 

An Encouraging Card 

A few words of encouragement in an uplifting greeting card can mean so much to her as she enters this new phase of life. Share a piece of advice that you wish you had heard when you were her age or remind her of one of your favorite memories of her. This is a sentimental piece that she'll hold on to forever!

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