B Bob's Sauces

Author United Supermarkets | July 9, 2020

B Bob’s Sauces are all made in Dallas, TX. Two sisters Susan and Mary Alizon Walton started as a bakery in 1988, manufacturing the delicious Lady Walton’s wafer cookies. In 1994 the company introduced B.Bob’s Foods, named for the sister’s father, Dr. Robert Walton.  B.Bob’s Specialty Foods offers delicious products of varying flavors from all around the world. 

They make sweet, spicy all-natural sauces that are extremely versatile. Their sauces are fantastic for grilling, dipping and hors d'oeuvres. You can also try their fruit based sauces poured over brie or cream cheese for a super easy and delicious appetizer.  Use the Smoked Bacon Chipotle for all your traditional Texas barbecue and try their new Asian inspired flavors with dumplings, wontons and lettuce wraps.

They are a local family owned business, employing fellow Texans and sourcing both their ingredients and packaging from other Texas businesses as much as possible. They love working with us because,  “United has been a valuable partner for many years.  We appreciate their support and loyalty of our brand, allowing us the opportunity to grow with them.” Give this great local brand a try!

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