J Welch Farms

Author United Supermarkets | July 9, 2020

J Welch Farms was founded in 2009 in Victoria, TX. With over 40 years of farming experience, Jon Ann Welch and her husband decided to plant an olive orchard and are now happy to produce farm to table EVOO (extra virgin olive oil). They now have one of the largest olive orchards in Texas!

Their olive oils are a fresh, healthy, flavorful food seasoning. They are great for baking, grilling, broiling, drizzling and pan frying. They pride themselves on growing olives, harvesting them, and processing them into EVOO in their own mill (the largest in the state). They even do their own packaging!

They love making their product in Texas because “We have lived in Texas all of our lives.  We are proud to be farmers, and we are proud of our state.  There are no finer folks than those in Texas.” Next time you're shopping for a delicious EVOO, be sure to try out J Welch Farms. 

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