Our fav LOCAL items

Author United Supermarkets | July 11, 2023

Local is one of our favorite times of the year! Texas produces some of the most flavorful items that can be used in multiple dishes and across meal times. Let us show you a few!


Beanitos Chips

From chilaquiles to a crunchy topping on your tortilla soup to dipping in fresh guacamole. These chips are a wonderful addition to the pantry because they have more fiber and protein than the traditional corn chip. We love those too, but when we need a better for you option, these are what we’re grabbing!



Leals, Tascosa, Mateos, 2 Gringos, Tio Pelon, Desert Pepper, Silver Star, Kylitos, Clints, Julios, and the list goes on are some of the salsas we carry from local brands. We thoroughly enjoy adding salsa to so many things as it’s not necessarily considered a vegetable but it does help “habit stacking” of adding where you can. We add it on everything from our breakfast eggs, to chilis, to salads to casseroles. There are so many uses for this product we always have a jar or two on hand.



There is so much good Texas produce this year like potatoes, herbs, grapefruit, peaches, melon varieties, onions, zucchini, squash, certain lettuces, and so much more. The couple of staples listed really can be used any time of day and when these are in-season their flavor is off the charts delish


Casserole Pinto Beans

Hear us out, dried beans might be a little more work but their flavor payoff is chef’s kiss. Another win for dried beans is that it’s very budget friendly while also nutritious in providing more protein and fiber.

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